Two and a half Men

2 and 1/2 Men

  • Platform : PICO-8
  • genre : demo
  • runnig time : 2:35 min
  • works : Graphics
  • released : #3 at Nordlicht 2017 Wild competition

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Nordlicht, Flashback and other stuff for 2015

Wow, it is really harder than I thought to keep a blog updated on a regular basis. So now, after three more months it’s time for a small update on what is going on behind the scenes.

First of all, I finished a new songtext a few days ago called 9 Minuten. This is a text, written in german, because I wanted to write in native tongue for some time now, since it has been a while that I did that. It felt good and I got really good feedback from my best friend Ellina, who is actually going to sing this lyrics over my new track which I am working on. And if all works out perfectly, she will even play some piano to it. I am looking forward to that.

That will directly bring me to my next endeavour, Nordlicht 2015. I am planning to have my new track released at Nordlicht 2015 streaming music competition, but there is still some work to be done. Vocals recording, finalizing the composition and then mixing and mastering. My plan is to also have one or two people remix the track so that I can Continue reading

2015 – An outlook

What will happen in 2015 demoscene-wise? I don’t know 🙂 But I can tell you a little about my plans. Let me start with a look back on 2014, which was a pretty silent year for me in that regard. I had only a few music releases and not really a pixel graphics release, which is pretty unfortunate. But with the focus on music in the first half of the year, leading to the release of the second studio album of our band and following that long period of loss of motivation, there wasn’t much time left to set a mark. I know, there is still one party left this year, but As far as I see it, there will not be a release of me there. I am done with 2014 and would like to focus on 2015 now. What will happen in 2015 music wise will be a few new tracks that are already in the making.For one project I need Continue reading

Nordlicht 2014 – results

Here we go, back from the party and back from a weekend full of enjoyment. I must admit, not all of it was given to me by the Nordlicht party, because I was present only on saturday. But I had a great time there, again. When I arrived at the partyplace on saturday morning, not much was going on. Most of the guys were still sleeping somewhere and the atmosphere was very chilled. I met Virgill and placed myself next to him and Triace in the hall, which was bright and big and just perfect for the amount of people that were at the party. I was told that there were around 130+ unique visitors on saturday, which I find pretty good. The partyplace was surrounded by industrial complexes but it wasn’t looking ugly or dirty or whatever you would expect from such a surrounding. No, they had managed to make it look quite nicely. Anyway, I am drifting off. There was some comfusion about which competition should be held at first and when the bbq should Continue reading

Passing the border

Soooo, what is going on after that huge Nordlicht party with its many releases and beautiful atmosphere. I can tell that it is not much, with respect to music. You might have seen the actual 4k intro called ZUCKZ! from Hardy and Virgill that won the 4k compo at Evoke just last weekend. In the process of the making it was undecided a long time who the one would be that does the music. Me, tEiS and Virgill were somewhat in the “race” and since there was not word from tEiS for some time it was only either Virgill or me. I was a little surprised when i was told by Hardy that he and Virgill already decided that we make it a cooperation track. Generally, i think that was a great idea. Virgill was enthusiastic and days later, he showed me a first preview of the track. It was ace and to be honest, it had progressed to a state that involving me at this Continue reading

Nordlicht 2012 – results

And finally they are published. I was eager to see how the people had vodet at the party, because of my entries in various competitions. And to sum it up, I did surprisingly good and it makes me happy that so many people liked what I had to offer. And thanks to my friend Virgill for participating with me in two productions. on a sidenote, he did good, too in the compos, even won the tracked music competition. But where are my entries placed, lets see. my C64 hires pixelgfx called Moment of truth came 2nd in the competition and this was a huge surprise since there were a few really cool entries, like the one from Forcer (which won) and Continue reading

Heroes vs. Villains

The party at the end of the year is coming up and Heroes vs. Villains is the main theme, so i expect many sceners dressed in their old carnival costumes. Yes, its time for The Ultimate Meeting 2011 and i am actually preparing several entries to hand in remotely. unfortunately it looks like that i am not going there…again.. and i feel sad about that. But i still want to participate in the best possible way. And that is by handing in remote entries. There are four categories i can participate in, namely the streaming music competition, the 32k exemusic competition, the 7 seconds loop competition and the oldskool graphics competition. What is settled is that my track Der letzte Tag will enter the streaming music competition and that i will have something for the oldskool grapics competition aswell. About that, i am pretty Continue reading