Nordlicht 2017 results

The party is over for about a week now and as you might have recognized, I already have put up most of my participations. But I wanted to share a little more with you, especially the feeling that, after a long time not being at any party, I had a great time there and felt welcome by everyone I met. Especially I want to give a shoutout to streettuff, my dear TRSi buddy, whom I met again after three years. It was a pleasure to spend some time with you there! Of course I had some entries prepared and here are the complete results now:
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Nordlicht 2013 – results

Wow, what a party. I had a blast meeting all the people, enjoying the weather and watching the competitions. There will be a personal party report some time soon, I just need to finalize and format it and maybe find the appropriate release platform. You will find all my personal thoughts and statements regarding various topics in there. Let me focus on the results in this small post. All in all, I participated in not less than 5 releases in various competitions, sometimes alone, with my own stuff, sometimes with others on a cooperation production. Lets sum up how I did.
The first entry is named NOODLES 100% [pal/ntsc][cookfixed]-PST. This was a cooperation between Virgill and me for the photo competition. It was made out of noodles, jelly, cookies and ice and resembled a classic crack intro screen. It didn’t work out as we intended, because the small Continue reading

Nordlicht 2012 – Personal party report

Last weekend there was a small demoparty in Bremen and i, together with 50 others attended. This is my small and very personal report of how i experienced the weekend. The links on the bottom will be updated as soon as possible. Be warned, some bad english is about to enter your brain. This report was almost completely written at the partyplace during the party.

Arriving on Friday at 14.15 pm means being 2 hours early. The party start was about to happen officially at 16.00 h. We, Moqui of Titan and I chose to go there these two hours earlier because of the fact that we hadn’t anything better to do and thought, maybe we could help out a bit. The train ride was smooth and our trip to the party-place was without any delays or other obstacles. When we arrived, the first thing we noticed was that there was still a lot of work to be done. The cable system wasn’t in place, beamer and network wasn’t set up and the drinks Continue reading

Songtext – Krawall

CONS & tEiS feat. Streettuff & n3rdine – Krawall

Du kannst dir sicher sein, ich ändre mich nicht.
Du kannst dir sicher sein, ich übe keinen Verzicht
Du kannst dir sicher sein, ich lass dich nicht im Stich
Du kansnt dir sicher sein, ich SCHLAG DIR INS GESICHT!

Krawall, Krawall, Krawall, Krawallbrause FTW
Krawall, Krawall, Krawall, Krawallbrause FTW

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Demodays / Buenzli 2011 results

Wow, the demodays 2011 have been good to us. Not only to me but to TRSi as a whole. As mentioned before i submitted tEiS and my coop track Krawall feat. streettuff & n3rdine to the music competition and with 11 other songs it got played. Two days before the party H2o contacted me and showed me an animation he had created for the song and told me that he was going to submit it to the animation compo at demodays. Wow, what a great surprise. And the result exceeded my expectations.
So, today was the day of the results and as i missed the live presentation yesterday, i was a little nervous how the song and the video would do. Streettuff told me that people were shouting Krawall after it was played in the compo and that was funny to hear.  I watched the livestream Continue reading

Evoke 2011 results

Well, thats how it goes when there are too many tracks for a competition. Preselection will happen and with that, 11 of the 26 tracks didn’t make it to the bigscreen. Unfortunately our track Krawall was among them. Thats sad news, because its the second competition this year that i personally wanted to compete in and didn’t get played. You remember Solskogen? As there is pretty much nothing you can do about it i won’t waste my time complaining about it. Thats how it works sometimes and you have to live with it. What we want to do now, is to compete with the track at Buenzli 20 / Demodays in 14 days. Maybe we get played there. If not, we will release the track anyway.
For my dear TRSi friend streettuff, everything went quite good, i think. In a competition of 11 entries, he finally came third with his C64 contribution We got signal. Congratulations. At least one of us got something for the group! I personally hope, you don’t stop coding.

Evoke 2011

A little late, because Evoke is jsut one day away, but we did it. My dear TRSi friends tEiS and Streettuff, scene friend nerdine and finally me, managed it to get a cooperation entry ready for the music competition at Evoke. The Entry is called Krawall. This is our first cooperation and i am pretty sure it wont be the last one. Everything about the song will be in the next post in just a few days. If you want to follow the music competition live on saturday, tune into scenesat radio during the day. They will keep you updated and you can listen to our track and the crowds response live. I certainly will!