Status update September

I can not believe that already a few months have passed in which I did not touch any music or pixel related software or even follow the things happening in the demoscene. i did a few smaller updates on ArtCity, because I have to, but not in a rush, like in the days before, when the parties where over and the graphics were online only a few days later. My music has been on a standstill and so has my pixelling for months now and guess what, I am not unhappy with it. Actually it feels good not to have those frustrating moments and things happening, but spend time doing stuff that does make me happy. Like writing. I have used the time to go back to my book, which is still unfinished, and do a general review of what I already have written. I did some reworking here and there and even wrote more pages after that. It feels good to do things just for me. I probably will continue that until the end of the year, so do not expect anything of me until 2017. Although I know Continue reading


Its all about the timing

It is said, that you can only be creative when you feel like it. You cannot force yourself to create… Well, you can, but at least in my case, that wont lead to anything good most of the times. What I experience when I try to force myself into doing stuff, like music or writing without actually feeling the drive for it, is that I do and do and do with the result being worse than before. This is not something I do notice early in the process, but quite the opposite. At the beginning it does feel like I am making good progress in a direction I want to take the project. but then, after hours of effort have been put into it, I get the feeling that I am more and more forcing myself to like the additions, rather than really enjoying it from the heart. That is in most cases the point where I stop Continue reading

Songtext – Krawall

CONS & tEiS feat. Streettuff & n3rdine – Krawall

Du kannst dir sicher sein, ich ändre mich nicht.
Du kannst dir sicher sein, ich übe keinen Verzicht
Du kannst dir sicher sein, ich lass dich nicht im Stich
Du kansnt dir sicher sein, ich SCHLAG DIR INS GESICHT!

Krawall, Krawall, Krawall, Krawallbrause FTW
Krawall, Krawall, Krawall, Krawallbrause FTW

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