Nordlicht is about to arrive

Well, Nordlicht demoparty 2017 is coming around again and that is traditionally (I hesitate to write that, because I haven’t been there in the past years) the party I like to support the most, because I like the people who organize it and I am grateful that they do. I will support it most likely this year again, but in what ways is still a little undecided. I have something resting on my HD that is the remains of a demo that did not get made (obviously) that I could release. Its a little rusty, but still its a piece that I do like a lot. Another thing that really gets me going right now is something I am working on with my dear friend Virgill, who invited me into his project and to be honest, that was exactly what I needed to counter my demotivation and frustration that I had (and still have a little) about the demoscene in general for the last 1,5 years. You might have recognized that by seeing no new releases from me over that time. But I kind of hope that this is some kind of initial spark, that gets me going again in my own pace and for my own good only. Lets see if I can avoid having another 4 months slip by unnoticed and get some releases going in 2017.

Pressing the Pause-Button

Just to let you know, I am pausing all my demoscene activity for a while. The reason for that is that I do not feel motivated anymore after how the year started. I was full of motivation back then, that emerged at the end of last year. I even planned to release a track every month and some gfx aswell, but those thoughts went away pretty fast. Of couse there is a reason for that, but I’d rather not write about all that here, because I guess there are not that many people who ask for it outside my friends, who know already.
What is rather unfortunate is, that Nordlicht demoparty is up in 1,5 months and I planned to go there, since I couldn’t be there last year. I registered the day it was possible and planned to bring a bunch of releases, but now I do not even care about going. If that doesn’t change, I will miss the opportunity again, to meet some awesome demosceners for the first time, like Elko or Slator and of course miss out on meeting all the other important-to-me ones too. You know who you are!

I guess we’ll see, how everything works out, but at the moment, I am hitting the Pause-Button on demoscene activity.

Nordlicht 2015 – results

I just got word that the Nordlicht 2015 results are out and I must admit, it was full of surprises for me. I had a track in the exemusic competition. That compo was a mixture of newschool exe and oldschool exe tracks so the competition was pretty hard. My track It4lo Disco got 7th place, which is the last, but thats ok. It was a track I made, mainly to test some thing and not to win anything. A little more serious was my entry for the oldschool graphics competition and I must admit, I am really, really happy about that 3rd place I got with my entry Legion, which was a C64 multicolor bitmap. The last entry I submitted was a new KML track called Aufschrei in dir. This was planned last minute because the track I was planning to submit gave me a headache. Although, it wasn’t Continue reading

Nordlicht 2015

Yes, it is that time of the year again. Nordlicht 2015 starts tomorrow and I am hyped. Well, better said, I was hyped. What happened? Everything started out perfectly. I was so motivated for that party and together with Virgill, I wanted to have the best Nordlicht ever. Even a long lost demoscene friend, who is a friend in my real life, did decide to come with us. I am talking about one half of The Twins, who did coding for TRSi in the mid nineties. So it seemed to be even better than planned. The hotel was reserved, a supporter ticket bought with a significant amount of money and the releases were prepared. But then, with only one turn around (literally!), my plans were crushed. I am now battling a health issue that does not allow me to go. Fuck that. I could, but it would be Continue reading

Nordlicht, Flashback and other stuff for 2015

Wow, it is really harder than I thought to keep a blog updated on a regular basis. So now, after three more months it’s time for a small update on what is going on behind the scenes.

First of all, I finished a new songtext a few days ago called 9 Minuten. This is a text, written in german, because I wanted to write in native tongue for some time now, since it has been a while that I did that. It felt good and I got really good feedback from my best friend Ellina, who is actually going to sing this lyrics over my new track which I am working on. And if all works out perfectly, she will even play some piano to it. I am looking forward to that.

That will directly bring me to my next endeavour, Nordlicht 2015. I am planning to have my new track released at Nordlicht 2015 streaming music competition, but there is still some work to be done. Vocals recording, finalizing the composition and then mixing and mastering. My plan is to also have one or two people remix the track so that I can Continue reading