Two and a half Men

2 and 1/2 Men

  • Platform : PICO-8
  • genre : demo
  • runnig time : 2:35 min
  • works : Graphics
  • released : #3 at Nordlicht 2017 Wild competition

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Life is strange

Life can be strange, life can be normal, life can be cruel, life can be great and if you ask me, life can be all those things at the same time. Thats the case right now. But to spare you from most of the details that don’t belong to my demoscene life, i will concentrate on whats important in that area. The headline in principle says it all. In the last weeks and again tomorrow i have experienced record session after record session. Yesterday i had a good friend of mine here to sing some vocals for my track Gegen den Strom and tomorrow i will be accompanied by another dear friend of mine to record vocals for my track Glashaus. I know i have recorded vocals for that track already, but i would like tho thicken the singing by bringing in another Continue reading

Back on The Dark Isle

Today i found the time to go back to a place where i felt most welcome when i first went there: The Black Isle. The visit inspired me so much that i couldn’t resist writing about it and going back there today.

If you still wonder what i am talking about, then you might consider the fact that i am a musician…. Getting it? Yep, thought so. Today i reloaded a music project of mine that has its roots in a track made by my dear friend Virgill, called Help me. you can find that one on the Alcatraz Musicdisk called Jailhouse Voices.  Due to the fact that i see my friend on a regular basis, i was present when he started that track. I remember he was heavily influenced by the harmonies of the TV show Lost, but i couldn’t recognize that. A short time after that, he had Continue reading