Into the Abyss

Into the Abyss – A tribute to Uriah Heep

  • running time in minutes : 4:33
  • size : 9,00 mb
  • format : ogg
  • quality in kbit : 275
  • genre : Psychedelic Rock
  • released : #5 at End of the World 2016 streaming music

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End of the World – results

The End of the World 2016 party in Finland is over. And yes, it look slike we’re still alive. What a shame. Anyway, lets sum up the party results, shall wel. Judging from the amount of releases, it was a rather small party. More like a meeting or something like that, but I wanted to get stuff out, so I entered two competitions remotely. First was the music competition with my track Into the Abyss. A tribute to Uriah Heep. There were five entries in the competition and mine placed 5th. Well, Last place two times in a row. That must be a record somewhere :). The other competition I took part in was the combined graphics competition. Two entries in total. I handed in a C64 entry called Legion II, which was selected 1st place and therefor winner of the competition. Well, that Continue reading

The End of the World is near again

I must admit, I haven’t followed this small demoparty in Finland closely the last years, but it looks like it is becoming a pretty regular thing. So I thought, why not support it with a bunch of releases. And that is what I did. First thing: I entered my song Into the Abyss (A tribute to Uriah Heep) to the combined music competition. This is a song I had almost finished for a longer time, but was struggling with a few small things. So I never got around finishing it until I decided to just do it, early this year. My plan was to create something in the spirit of my track Tribute to Strontium 90 but with some respectful nods to the oldschool and newschool demoscene. And I think, it will work just fine. The second thing I decided to enter into the party competition is my Continue reading

Preparing for Japan

The first demoparty of the year with a decent music competition that allows for remote entries is just a couple of days away. I am talking about Tokyo Demofest of course. And I am prepared to start off the year with my first entry for that specific competition. If you look at my last releases, you will find the upcoming one very familiar. It is most likely a continuation of how I left off the demoscene year 2015. So hang on to your socks, because they might come off. For the party itself, it would be nice to have them not display the creators names while the songs are playing, but I guess, with partymeister that does not seem possible. The reason I would like that is not that I desperately want anonymity. I believe that namevotes does happen but does not reach significance when taking all parties and all competitions together. So what I am rooting for is an effect like “wow, this is pretty Continue reading

Under Construction results

Fresh from the stream, here are my personal and the group results for Onslaught. Starting with the streaming music competition. I entered a cut-to-4 minutes version of my 6:47 minutes long song called Maskenball. It placed 5th in the competition. I am not sad about that or anything, because I anticipated such a placing. The tracks lyrics do not make much sense withouth the missing stanza and some smaller parts and the track in general is not something for a demoscene audience, since its dark and depressing and not really uplifting. The compo was won by a christmas gabber track. I guess I don’t have to add anything to that. So, moving on to the next category.
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