Its all about the timing

It is said, that you can only be creative when you feel like it. You cannot force yourself to create… Well, you can, but at least in my case, that wont lead to anything good most of the times. What I experience when I try to force myself into doing stuff, like music or writing without actually feeling the drive for it, is that I do and do and do with the result being worse than before. This is not something I do notice early in the process, but quite the opposite. At the beginning it does feel like I am making good progress in a direction I want to take the project. but then, after hours of effort have been put into it, I get the feeling that I am more and more forcing myself to like the additions, rather than really enjoying it from the heart. That is in most cases the point where I stop Continue reading


Nordlicht, Flashback and other stuff for 2015

Wow, it is really harder than I thought to keep a blog updated on a regular basis. So now, after three more months it’s time for a small update on what is going on behind the scenes.

First of all, I finished a new songtext a few days ago called 9 Minuten. This is a text, written in german, because I wanted to write in native tongue for some time now, since it has been a while that I did that. It felt good and I got really good feedback from my best friend Ellina, who is actually going to sing this lyrics over my new track which I am working on. And if all works out perfectly, she will even play some piano to it. I am looking forward to that.

That will directly bring me to my next endeavour, Nordlicht 2015. I am planning to have my new track released at Nordlicht 2015 streaming music competition, but there is still some work to be done. Vocals recording, finalizing the composition and then mixing and mastering. My plan is to also have one or two people remix the track so that I can Continue reading

A couple of words

Looking back at the last two or three months, I must say, I haven’t spent much time with something else than pixelling. This has changed in the last days. Don’t get me wrong, I loved working on C64 graphics a lot, but I thought, after finishing my seventh picture, it was time to take a break, since there are not much parties around for oldschool gfx and there is no demo they could be used in. So I went back to another beloved hobby of mine. Writing. It felt like I had stuck a needle into a bubble that was filled with indeas. Several of my songtexts that were unfinished are now finished or at least almost. Of course there will be some minor corrections to the texts as always. Those correction-ideas come up when actually recording the lyrics, or close before that part. One of my newly finished songtexts is called Change, a text about the Continue reading

Songtext – Krawall

CONS & tEiS feat. Streettuff & n3rdine – Krawall

Du kannst dir sicher sein, ich ändre mich nicht.
Du kannst dir sicher sein, ich übe keinen Verzicht
Du kannst dir sicher sein, ich lass dich nicht im Stich
Du kansnt dir sicher sein, ich SCHLAG DIR INS GESICHT!

Krawall, Krawall, Krawall, Krawallbrause FTW
Krawall, Krawall, Krawall, Krawallbrause FTW

Continue reading

Back to the Canyon

For some time, i had the feeling that there was something unfinished, a story that wasn’t told until the end, that had more potential than i had extracted from it with my movie No Return, back in 2006. Maybe it was because that movie and everything surrounding it meant that much to me, that i always wanted to continue telling the story of the main charater, what her life would look like after the ritual mind and sould cleansing she was going through at the end of the movie. But for such a long time, i couldn’t come to terms wether to realize another project or leave it as it is. There are so many good reasons for not to take the story to the next level and i understand most of them and agree at least with a few.  In addition, the support of my friends for the idea of making another movie with the characters was almost non existant. And to all that, i Continue reading