Chicano Girl

Chicano Girl

  • release platform: C64
  • format: multicolor bitmap
  • background : medium grey
  • colors : 4
  • reference : a tattoo sketch from the internet
  • program used : Timanthes
  • released : #4 at Syntax 2018, oldschool gfx compo

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Nordlicht is about to arrive

Well, Nordlicht demoparty 2017 is coming around again and that is traditionally (I hesitate to write that, because I haven’t been there in the past years) the party I like to support the most, because I like the people who organize it and I am grateful that they do. I will support it most likely this year again, but in what ways is still a little undecided. I have something resting on my HD that is the remains of a demo that did not get made (obviously) that I could release. Its a little rusty, but still its a piece that I do like a lot. Another thing that really gets me going right now is something I am working on with my dear friend Virgill, who invited me into his project and to be honest, that was exactly what I needed to counter my demotivation and frustration that I had (and still have a little) about the demoscene in general for the last 1,5 years. You might have recognized that by seeing no new releases from me over that time. But I kind of hope that this is some kind of initial spark, that gets me going again in my own pace and for my own good only. Lets see if I can avoid having another 4 months slip by unnoticed and get some releases going in 2017.

First pixels in 2017

Today, i finally found some motivation to try out the drawing tablet that my dear friend Virgill lent me a few weeks ago to try. And it feels kind of natural to work with it. I still have to get used to it, but one thing I recognized quite fast. It does work better with my injury than working with mouse. At least that is how it feels now after two hours of testing. If this trend will continue, I may find my interest in demoscene again. Just yesterday I felt that frustration I was talking about last year quite intensely again, but it may have moved to music for most of it. I can’t promise nothing, but I feel like I want to do something creative again, even if it is just pixelling.

Some thoughts on 2015

A considerable amount of moments I have looked at my release list of 2015 and the year itself and thought that this has not been a busy year for me, especially regarding C64 pixel graphics. Compared to earlier years I have done way less. and I thought, I had done way less than I wanted to do this year. But it seems that I never got around to doing it. So i felt bad. I felt lazy. I felt like not supporting my dear scene friends in Onslaught enough to present them releases and show that I am still passionate about C64 and all we do together. And to an extend I still feel like that today. But…
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