Chicano Girl

Chicano Girl

  • release platform: C64
  • format: multicolor bitmap
  • background : medium grey
  • colors : 4
  • reference : a tattoo sketch from the internet
  • program used : Timanthes
  • released : #4 at Syntax 2018, oldschool gfx compo

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Syntax 2018 results

The party is over and there were a few really good entries in the graphics competition, which was – in my opinion – the strongest competition at the party. With numerous entries from all over the world. It must have been a pleasure to watch all of them live on the big screen. Nexus took first place in the newschool gfx compo with a stunning picture, well worth it. Too bad, it seemed a little out of competition, since in my opinion, it played in a league way above the rest of the entries. Not so the oldschool gfx compo. Duce, Railslave, Lobo, Jok, cTrix all had entries in the competition, featuring a whopping 18 entries in total. And one of them was mine, Chicano Girl. To my surprise, i reached 4th place, which i see as a huge compliment and a motivation to involve myself in future project. Thanks for your votes. Onslaught in total had seven entries all over the board, the biggest one being the new issue of Vandalism News. Unimaginable six disk sides filled with content. I bow to everyone involved for that archievement. insane. I need to read it all soon. My entry will be uploaded in the next days to this website, of course.

Syntax 2018 is coming

I cannot believe that I am going to participate in another competition again. After all those months. Last year, I remember, I did something for the PICO 8 and it went to Nordlicht to compete there. It feels like an eternity. Somehow during this year, I decided, I had to release at least something once a year for the time that I feel this disillusioned from the demoscene. Just to keep my release streak from breaking. I do not release this because I am feeling motivated to be part of a competition. No. Not even because I want to be an active part of the demosce again. I did finish this graphics, just because of the urge to keep the streak alive and to be part of the Onslaught Team, which I hold highly for understanding. You can consider this, one for the team, for their party in Australia. Maybe, maybe I feel motivated some day to do stuff for the two Australian parties, Flashback and Syntax. We’ll see about that. What you can be sure of is, that I will not do any Continue reading

Nordlicht 2017 results

The party is over for about a week now and as you might have recognized, I already have put up most of my participations. But I wanted to share a little more with you, especially the feeling that, after a long time not being at any party, I had a great time there and felt welcome by everyone I met. Especially I want to give a shoutout to streettuff, my dear TRSi buddy, whom I met again after three years. It was a pleasure to spend some time with you there! Of course I had some entries prepared and here are the complete results now:
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Nordlicht is about to arrive

Well, Nordlicht demoparty 2017 is coming around again and that is traditionally (I hesitate to write that, because I haven’t been there in the past years) the party I like to support the most, because I like the people who organize it and I am grateful that they do. I will support it most likely this year again, but in what ways is still a little undecided. I have something resting on my HD that is the remains of a demo that did not get made (obviously) that I could release. Its a little rusty, but still its a piece that I do like a lot. Another thing that really gets me going right now is something I am working on with my dear friend Virgill, who invited me into his project and to be honest, that was exactly what I needed to counter my demotivation and frustration that I had (and still have a little) about the demoscene in general for the last 1,5 years. You might have recognized that by seeing no new releases from me over that time. But I kind of hope that this is some kind of initial spark, that gets me going again in my own pace and for my own good only. Lets see if I can avoid having another 4 months slip by unnoticed and get some releases going in 2017.

First pixels in 2017

Today, i finally found some motivation to try out the drawing tablet that my dear friend Virgill lent me a few weeks ago to try. And it feels kind of natural to work with it. I still have to get used to it, but one thing I recognized quite fast. It does work better with my injury than working with mouse. At least that is how it feels now after two hours of testing. If this trend will continue, I may find my interest in demoscene again. Just yesterday I felt that frustration I was talking about last year quite intensely again, but it may have moved to music for most of it. I can’t promise nothing, but I feel like I want to do something creative again, even if it is just pixelling.