Nordlicht 2017 results

The party is over for about a week now and as you might have recognized, I already have put up most of my participations. But I wanted to share a little more with you, especially the feeling that, after a long time not being at any party, I had a great time there and felt welcome by everyone I met. Especially I want to give a shoutout to streettuff, my dear TRSi buddy, whom I met again after three years. It was a pleasure to spend some time with you there! Of course I had some entries prepared and here are the complete results now:
My oldschool gfx compo entry “The Conquest of Wolf-Biederman” came 5th in the competition. My photo “Kinderhände” came in 6th (which I find a good placement, taking the amount of submissions into account). The most hopeful entry and the one that basically brought me back to activity in the demoscene again was the PICO-8 demo “2 and 1/2 men” which I did together with Virgill and his son Slimey. It was a pleasure and a blast to see it on the bigscreen. It came 3rd in the competition which is great. The trophy went to Slimey, just to start off his collection ;).
I had a great Nordlicht and I will for sure be back again next year.


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