Two and a half Men

2 and 1/2 Men

  • Platform : PICO-8
  • genre : demo
  • runnig time : 2:35 min
  • works : Graphics
  • released : #3 at Nordlicht 2017 Wild competition

  • download release here : link
  • visit release at : link
  • view demo in browser : link

This has been a blast to work on. Virgill came to me weeks ago, asking if i wanted to do some small graphics for this fantasy console called PICO-8. I asked about how much work it would be and what he would need and he told me, he needed a Alcatraz logo and some graphics for the rotator-effects. Since it has been over a year now that I had some something for the demoscene, my motivation was not that high in the beginning. I watched some of the stuff Virgill coded for this and it got me all fired up, so that I ultimately agreed to help out. And it was really great to work with this small console like platform. It proved to be just the right amount of work to get me into pixelling again. And I hope it won’t be a hay-fire (as we say in Germany) that burns out too fast, but be a motivational spark, that keeps me wanting to do more again.


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