Status update September

I can not believe that already a few months have passed in which I did not touch any music or pixel related software or even follow the things happening in the demoscene. i did a few smaller updates on ArtCity, because I have to, but not in a rush, like in the days before, when the parties where over and the graphics were online only a few days later. My music has been on a standstill and so has my pixelling for months now and guess what, I am not unhappy with it. Actually it feels good not to have those frustrating moments and things happening, but spend time doing stuff that does make me happy. Like writing. I have used the time to go back to my book, which is still unfinished, and do a general review of what I already have written. I did some reworking here and there and even wrote more pages after that. It feels good to do things just for me. I probably will continue that until the end of the year, so do not expect anything of me until 2017. Although I know it is still a long time to go there, I do think that I will enjoy this break until I feel the need again to be active in one way or the other. To my surprise, I found myself writing a new songtext in the last few days, which turned out really good. And I am playing around with some harmonies and melodies for it. Maybe I will even fire up my music software to capture some of it and maybe even work on it a bit. But be assured, that there will be nothing demoscene related of me any time soon.


One thought on “Status update September

  1. elko says:

    Doit easy partner, a hobby should never produce negative stress 😉 see ya fresh and recovered in 2017.

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