The End of the World is near again

I must admit, I haven’t followed this small demoparty in Finland closely the last years, but it looks like it is becoming a pretty regular thing. So I thought, why not support it with a bunch of releases. And that is what I did. First thing: I entered my song Into the Abyss (A tribute to Uriah Heep) to the combined music competition. This is a song I had almost finished for a longer time, but was struggling with a few small things. So I never got around finishing it until I decided to just do it, early this year. My plan was to create something in the spirit of my track Tribute to Strontium 90 but with some respectful nods to the oldschool and newschool demoscene. And I think, it will work just fine. The second thing I decided to enter into the party competition is my long overdue C64 demo asset called Legion II. As the first Legion pixelwork, it was planned to be in a themed demo. But with most things. Ideas do get canned and stuff never gets to be released. That is what happened to this picture. I had id made more than a year ago and I just got sick of having it on my HD, doing nothing. So I decided to enter it to the combined gfx compo at End of the World. There was no other smaller party around the block, where I could have entered it into the oldschool gfx compo, so I am going to face some major PC competition, I suppose. Let’s see what the others bring to the table. I am not expecting any high placements, because judging from the releases of last year, it is a local fun party, where most likely local fun stuff will work the moment and beat my works. But thats ok. I hope I can entertain a bit. The most important thing for me with those two releases is, to show that I am still active and will be throughout the year.


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