Preparing for Japan

The first demoparty of the year with a decent music competition that allows for remote entries is just a couple of days away. I am talking about Tokyo Demofest of course. And I am prepared to start off the year with my first entry for that specific competition. If you look at my last releases, you will find the upcoming one very familiar. It is most likely a continuation of how I left off the demoscene year 2015. So hang on to your socks, because they might come off. For the party itself, it would be nice to have them not display the creators names while the songs are playing, but I guess, with partymeister that does not seem possible. The reason I would like that is not that I desperately want anonymity. I believe that namevotes does happen but does not reach significance when taking all parties and all competitions together. So what I am rooting for is an effect like “wow, this is pretty different to everything else”. And I bet there will be. At least in some of the visitors heads. Demoscene Music is more likely to be of electronic nature nowadays, with of course some significant exceptions (T-101 coming to mind instantly), so everything that is not settled in the area of electronic music, will stand out eventually. And I find the reactions to such a noticeable chance most interesting. Coming to mind is my most favorite reaction of all times at TRSAC, where people were singing to my 4klang remake/remix of a popular popsong. Priceless! But I would go for much less. A “wtf-moment!?” would be enough for me. Lets see if I can make that happen.


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