Under Construction results

Fresh from the stream, here are my personal and the group results for Onslaught. Starting with the streaming music competition. I entered a cut-to-4 minutes version of my 6:47 minutes long song called Maskenball. It placed 5th in the competition. I am not sad about that or anything, because I anticipated such a placing. The tracks lyrics do not make much sense withouth the missing stanza and some smaller parts and the track in general is not something for a demoscene audience, since its dark and depressing and not really uplifting. The compo was won by a christmas gabber track. I guess I don’t have to add anything to that. So, moving on to the next category.
The next competition is the oldschool graphics competition. I entered with my pixelwork called Escape, which was originally planned to be part of the Evoke 2015 fixed palette gfx compo. But I wasn’t able to finish it in time, so I entered it here as a compofiller. Well, the filling was very much needed, since there were only two entries in the competition. My gfx came 1st place, which is great, of course, but doesn’t feel that fulfilling. I would have loved to see more entries, since i love oldschool graphics. But of course, I take what placing I can get and so its a first place again. YAY! 🙂
Finally, my C64 group Onslaught had their big demo called 20 Years Onslaught in the oldschool demo competition. And it won. So great! Well deserved everyone who was involved, especially the main coder conjuror.  I will upload my entries in a bit.


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