Taking another curve

As you all know, after the party is before the party. In the spirit of that saying, I am preparing for the upcoming parties, like Evoke and Sundown. Evoke usually does not allow remote entries, although there was a time when KML did send in something and actually placed top three, but those times are over. So the only way to participate remotely from home – since I am not going to visit the party at all – is to take the predefined palette and create something pixelish with it. And so I did. And whats even better is that I had Kaomau help me out a little with my entry. So now I can call it a coop. Love that thought. The entry is progressing nicely and will be ready for shipment just in time. Sundown on the contrary, allows remote entries for almost every category, so I have to be part of the party with something. And guess what, my streaming music entry is already ready for the party. It will be interesting for those of you who follow my work, because I am taking another curve with that piece of music. If you look at my work, you can see, that I am expressing myself through a lot of very different kinds of music styles, not exemplary good pieces, but many of them made with passion (many, not all!). What you will get to hear at Sundown is yet another style added to my book. I had this track on my harddisk for a long while, waiting for vocals, but in the end, I realized it is never going to happen. So what should I do? Simple! Add melodies that make sense, add improvisations with instruments you can’t even play and through that, make it a hell lot of work to get it done. And thats exactly what I did and I am looking forward to see / hear / read your reactions. Look out, Sundown people, hands on your pants, because I am rocking them off!


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