Nordlicht 2015 – results

I just got word that the Nordlicht 2015 results are out and I must admit, it was full of surprises for me. I had a track in the exemusic competition. That compo was a mixture of newschool exe and oldschool exe tracks so the competition was pretty hard. My track It4lo Disco got 7th place, which is the last, but thats ok. It was a track I made, mainly to test some thing and not to win anything. A little more serious was my entry for the oldschool graphics competition and I must admit, I am really, really happy about that 3rd place I got with my entry Legion, which was a C64 multicolor bitmap. The last entry I submitted was a new KML track called Aufschrei in dir. This was planned last minute because the track I was planning to submit gave me a headache. Although, it wasn’t the track itself, but the necessity to cut it down to 5 minutes, which was the time limit in the competition. And since the track is 6:28 mins, I worked out a few solutions, but none of them did please me. In fact, I disliked all of them so I chose to submit something else. To my and probably everyones surprise, that track came 2nd in the competition. KML nearly ruled again :D. Entries will follow soon.


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