Nordlicht 2015

Yes, it is that time of the year again. Nordlicht 2015 starts tomorrow and I am hyped. Well, better said, I was hyped. What happened? Everything started out perfectly. I was so motivated for that party and together with Virgill, I wanted to have the best Nordlicht ever. Even a long lost demoscene friend, who is a friend in my real life, did decide to come with us. I am talking about one half of The Twins, who did coding for TRSi in the mid nineties. So it seemed to be even better than planned. The hotel was reserved, a supporter ticket bought with a significant amount of money and the releases were prepared. But then, with only one turn around (literally!), my plans were crushed. I am now battling a health issue that does not allow me to go. Fuck that. I could, but it would be a risk I am not willing to take and no pleasure at all. Why not? Because the best Nordlicht experience can’t fix your health. You only have that once. So, hotel is cancelled for me, the ticket given to a TRSi friend and what is left for me, is to submit the releases. In fact I have done that some time ago to be in line with the remote entry deadline. Maybe, maybe there will be a videostream. That would be something I would look forward to with a laughing and a crying eye, if you know what I mean.
But lets not drown in sorrow here, although it hurts not being able to be there, because I planned to see so many of my dear scene friends again after one year and others for the first time. Lets focus on my entries. I will have an entry for the newschool exemusic competition which is called It4lo Disco. Nothing fancy, just done for fun. I don’t expect much from that. The second entry will be in the oldschool graphics competition. Its a C64 multicolor picture called Legion. Lets see how that does with such strong competition from Veto, Yazoo, Sphinx etc., who always bring great stuff to the table. The third entry was planned to be streaming music. My prepared track called 9 Minuten was 6:28 mins long and I tried to cut it down to the 5 minutes limit in different ways but I was disappointed of all of them. It felt like i was castrating my work and it didn’t feel like the 5 Minutes versions were able to deliver what I intent to with the song. There is a structure, there is progress with pauses and climax, but taking out pieces destroyed that for me. So I skipped destroying my track for the competition and turned myself to Matt Mayhem and Droste Valen from KML. They had something prepared and I am happy that they will fill in for me. Their track is called Aufschrei in dir and is an EBM Electronic track with german lyrics which are pretty provocative. But I guess that is their point. They want to tell something, wake up people, make them think. Lets see how they can do in the competition, which will be strong, no doubt there.


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