Secrets from the Onslaught Demolabs

Secrets from the Onslaught Demolabs

  • release platform: C64
  • format: multicolor bitmap (standard koala format)
  • background : medium grey
  • colors : 13
  • reference : AMIGA demos and a pic with lines
  • program used : Timanthes
  • released : #5 at Flashback 2015, Oldschool gfx compo

  • watch, comment and rate at ArtCity: link
  • see at csdb: link

The basic idea for this was not to release it as a standalone graphics but to have it as a mockup for a demo effect. Remove the Logo and the cube and imagine, having greetings logos entering the screen from the top in the background, going down, then making a slow sine movement and zooming in, while moving to the front and bottom of the picture. That was the original idea behind it. And I guess it would still be a challenge to create such a demopart and I am convinced it would look ace. When the Flashback party started I felt the urge to participate with something. I had another graphics in mind but was convinced, after talking back with my friends in Onslaught, to leave it for the demo part it was supposed to be in. So I thought with only a few hours left until deadline, what could I do. Since I always loved the Amiga demos for their clean and simple vector objects without any superfancy lighting or textures, I thought, why not make it look like a room and have an object there, dropping a shadow in the room and maybe add a logo somewhere, too. The product you can see here. I wanted to to so much more with it, like having a semi transparent logo perspectively put slightly over the floor of the room, making the floor shine through and dropping a shadow on it. And the Onslaught Logo should have had some sort of texture, too. But due to my really late choice to participate, there wasn’t anything more I could do. Anyway, if you zoom out a little it turned out quite nice.  If you zoom in, it really becomes a little messy. I could have repositioned the objects to avoid some of the color clashes, but as said, I was stupid enough not to prepare in time. More is possibly wrong with perspective and shadows, I know that. What i tried to make the cube have a representation of the lightsources on it, but it looked really ugly so I dropped that. The background in the top left, which consisted of simple lines at first was changed, because I wanted to have an optical illusion in it somehow. I found a nice one and re-did it. It kind of works since it seems like the background is slightly dropping to the left. That is not the intended illusion but better than none, I guess. It may be, becaus eof the small area its displayed in. Withouth the cube and the shadow it might work better. As said, no time for optimizing the positions of the objects. Anyway, maybe someone will make such a demopart some day. by the way.


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