Nordlicht, Flashback and other stuff for 2015

Wow, it is really harder than I thought to keep a blog updated on a regular basis. So now, after three more months it’s time for a small update on what is going on behind the scenes.

First of all, I finished a new songtext a few days ago called 9 Minuten. This is a text, written in german, because I wanted to write in native tongue for some time now, since it has been a while that I did that. It felt good and I got really good feedback from my best friend Ellina, who is actually going to sing this lyrics over my new track which I am working on. And if all works out perfectly, she will even play some piano to it. I am looking forward to that.

That will directly bring me to my next endeavour, Nordlicht 2015. I am planning to have my new track released at Nordlicht 2015 streaming music competition, but there is still some work to be done. Vocals recording, finalizing the composition and then mixing and mastering. My plan is to also have one or two people remix the track so that I can release it as the new single of our band project. Lets wait and see how that works out in the end. Other plans for Nordlicht are to compete in the oldschool graphics compo and have something for the oldschool demo compo. But that would really take some effort on the coding-side of things, which is not really in my hands. I did two fullscreen graphics for the project and of course hope that they will get used. Another release on Nordlicht will be in the exemusic competition I guess, with a 4klang track that of course won’t stand a chance against Virgills or anyone elses submission. But being part of that compo is all I want to be. And finally I have an idea for a tracked music entry for Nordlicht tracked music compo. But that needs some heavy working to do and there are only two months left. That will probably not work out at all.

For Flashback 2015 I promised some graphics, too. Some of them may see the light in a teaser for a planned production. I drew several hires screens for that and wrote a lot of text and as far as it looks, it might be possible to get that idea ready and done for the party. I would love to have some pixelwork for the oldschool gfx compo, too, but that would take a lot of work.

Aside that, I did a fullscreen gfx for a TRSi production which was planned to be released at Revision but didn’t got finished in time. I hope it will be released another day in 2015. Fingers crossed. And there is still that 4klang track I promised to finish for a small intro. And last but not the least, I am working on graphics for a secret production for the end of the year. Already did 1 and a half screen for that and will do more.

So you see, there is a lot to be seen from me in 2015, if things work out as planned. I think it is time for me to present stuff, because one third of the year is already gone and no release yet.


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