All you can do in 4klang

You can only be in one place at a time. I can only say that this is more true than ever right now. With several projects in the making, it is really hard to decide which to work for. There are a few really great ideas in the making that will turn 2015 into a blast demoscene-wise. And you know what? I am enjoying it all the way. Today I turned to a project that I had started in 2014 but put on hold due to the fact that there was no use for the track. But close to christmas I was asked for a track and offered two of mine. Eventually one was chosen and I promised to finish it over the next weeks.  As you might know, sometimes such promises tend to be delayed in its fulfilling. And so was mine. But not for long. Its going to be a new 4klang track that is called C4lling. The use of it is not yet done, but it will be soon, as I was told. The fact that I am not that fond of 4klang overall hasn’t changed but I am getting more and more used to the fact that I am depending on others creating some nice instrument patches for it so that I can used them. So, if you stumble upon a patch that sounds like yours, feel credited with this post. I can’t keep track of all the patches I am going to use in the future. Maybe I will modify them at least a little so that I can say, they are only based on patches I found :-).


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