Graphics, graphics, graphics

Aside the fact that this is the time of the year with a lot of good food and the company of your family and loved ones, you can also throw all that away and do something useful with the time. Since there wasn’t that much time involved for me in the points mentioned, I used it to progress my graphics for that small project I told you about in the last post. Since the graphics are not the main thing in that production – which will be called “No Return” by the way – I am able to produce a lot more sketches and not put 50 hours into one screen. So over the past two weeks, I was able to finish the first batch of pictures for the first small part of that project. All in all I did five screens in total which are all done in plain hires, no fancy gfx-mode stuff. If this project finds some acceptance and people want to know how the story evolves, there will be much more. Looking forward to the first installment.


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