2015 – An outlook

What will happen in 2015 demoscene-wise? I don’t know 🙂 But I can tell you a little about my plans. Let me start with a look back on 2014, which was a pretty silent year for me in that regard. I had only a few music releases and not really a pixel graphics release, which is pretty unfortunate. But with the focus on music in the first half of the year, leading to the release of the second studio album of our band and following that long period of loss of motivation, there wasn’t much time left to set a mark. I know, there is still one party left this year, but As far as I see it, there will not be a release of me there. I am done with 2014 and would like to focus on 2015 now. What will happen in 2015 music wise will be a few new tracks that are already in the making.For one project I need to go back to my beloved 4klang and work with that. But since I love to be part of what is planned, I am doing that with a smile.

For sure the highlight of 2015 will be the Nordlicht installment and the releases I will bring there. Gfx wise, I am working on a new project that i had in mind for a long time. It should be a story focused demo, combining my writing, some graphics to support the story an music of course. For that, I am doing graphics at the moment. I am not sure how it will be received, so this will be a one timer for testing the waters, with the possibility of continuation. I wrote the story already and I have taken pictures with my camera for it and I guess we’ll see how much of it will be of any use for me.

Aside that, there will be another larger project in 2015 for which I am doing graphics, but I can’t really tell you anymore about it today, because it hasn’t been completely thought through yet. But we will do. I hope and in fact, I am looking forward to do some stuff together with my dear friend Virgill, which always turn out to be so much fun and mean a lot to me.


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