Syntax 2014 – results

Yep, I kind of missed to write something about my upcoming Syntax party participation. Somehow that is good, because in the end I didn’t do anything for it. There were plans but they fell through. I had a fullscreen graphics planned for the oldschool gfx competition and it was going really good. Before releasing it, I wanted to make absolutely sure that my demo ideas wasn’t going to happen anytime soon, so that the graphics was free for release. So I asked around in Onslaught and as expected, there was no chance of getting that theme transformed into a demo. All lights on green from that side. But then I told a friend of mine about it and he wanted to see the picture. He liked it very much and the idea around the design. And so it happened that he asked me not to release it but keep it for something he was planning. And I did. Since there were only a few days left, I wasn’t sure about getting another picture done in time and I was proven right. I kind of dropped it in the middle of the making since the deadline was approaching and I ran in difficulties with it which weren’t solveable in short time. So i canned the picture and decided not to release anything at the party. Too bad, because I hadn’t released anything in 2014 graphcis wise and I thought this could have been my start for the year. But as it happens, it wasn’t. So the party went on and Onslaught had a surprise intro in the oldschool demo competition and, which was the big thing, Onslaughts first PC demo for the newschool demo competition. And they did a really good job with it. I like it a lot, because it has that oldschool touch in an newschool dress. The music is so good and it shows that these up to date effects do work with non-dubstep or d&b sounds. It ranked first in the competition. Well deserved I would say.

Take a look at Singularity here :



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