100 days of non-creativity

Wow, it is almost october now. I assume you have been wondering a little what is going on here on the website or even with my creative projects. And let me tell you, as the title is giving it away, it is not much that is going on. After the release of my second album I most likely haven’t done anything demoscene related, or even creative. I do feel like I have fulfilled all my creative goals and now have nothing to go for anymore. I am not making any music, not pixelling and not writing anything at the moment and looking at the calendar I think I haven’t for a hundred days now. I find that highly unusal for me, because creativity is a part of me that was always present and always led me to something, not saying that everything ends up to be good or even acceptable, but at least I worked on stuff. There must have been a hole somewhere near my album release that I stumbled into and I now have problems to crawl out. I crave being creative, don’t get me wrong. There is stuff I really would love to do but as it seems, it is extremly difficult for me to motivate myself, to create a goal for me. Just doing it doesn’t seem to be enough anymore, or at least at the moment. I can only wish that this does end soon, because the frustration of not being creative does somehow add to the pile of thoughs that suppress my motivation. Don’t let it be another 100 days…


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