Nordlicht 2014 – results

Here we go, back from the party and back from a weekend full of enjoyment. I must admit, not all of it was given to me by the Nordlicht party, because I was present only on saturday. But I had a great time there, again. When I arrived at the partyplace on saturday morning, not much was going on. Most of the guys were still sleeping somewhere and the atmosphere was very chilled. I met Virgill and placed myself next to him and Triace in the hall, which was bright and big and just perfect for the amount of people that were at the party. I was told that there were around 130+ unique visitors on saturday, which I find pretty good. The partyplace was surrounded by industrial complexes but it wasn’t looking ugly or dirty or whatever you would expect from such a surrounding. No, they had managed to make it look quite nicely. Anyway, I am drifting off. There was some comfusion about which competition should be held at first and when the bbq should happen, so the afternoon began with a delay. But in the end they did make the right call to put the bbq infront and then have all the music competitions first and postpone the graphics competitions until it was at least a little darker. That was a wise choice, because due to the fact that there was no way to darken the ceiling windows, the hall was very bright all day and so was the bigscreen, which wouldn’t have worked with gfx at that time. So the barbequeue started and then all three music competitions were held without a pause. Maybe a break would have been good between eacht of them. At least five minutes or so, because this was we listened to over 20 tracks from three categories which were really hard to remember until voting. I had a track made for the streaming music competition. It was called “Cooperation (Tribute Remix)” and was a remix of a well known SID tune by Future Freak. I love the original and with my interpretation I wanted to pay my respects for such a great track. I finished it on the Friday before the party. This time I did not use mastering presets again but tried to do it all by myself. And with Virgills approval, I guess I did good. My goal to fully go away from preset mastering Is slowly approaching. I am learning and that is a good thing :). Anyway. The track sounded a little bassy on the PA but overall was a good listen and with the feedback I got right after the competition, I thought people liked it. And they did. I placed second in the competition with it. Hooray!! The second thing I had running in the competitions was a picture of my nick written with chalk in huge letters on the street right before Virgills home. I did that one with my godchild Livia, who drew a nice little portrait aside the logo. Overall the picture wasn’t that fancy or good but it served its purpose to entertain the people in the photo competition. The last thing I had in the competitions was Virgills and my Wild entry called Nordcraft, which was a small video of us building something in minecraft on the Xbox 360. Man, that thing did take some time to finish. but as the photo did, this entry entertained the crowd quite well. They cheered inbetween the scenes and thats something you can measure the entertainment level with. We didn’t win anything with it, but that is totally ok, compared to the other entries which were much more in the spirit of a wild competition than our entry was. But it was so fun to watch it on the bigscreen. It must have been the strongest wild competition I have seen for a while. After that and before the intro and demo competitions, I sadly had to leave due to scheduling conflicts for sunday. But nevertheless, I enjoyed every minute at the party. I had the chance to meet so many pleasant people again and talk to them. You know who you are. Thanks for such a good time and thanks to the organizers for a great party experience again. I will be back next year for sure. My entries will be uploaded later today or tomorrow.


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