Cooperation (Tribute Remix)

Cooperation (Tribute Remix)

  • running time in minutes : 3:28
  • size in mb : 6,44
  • format : ogg
  • quality in kbit : 247
  • genre : Electronic
  • released : Streaming Music competition at Nordlicht 2014, ranked 2nd

  • visit the track at soundcloud : link
  • download from : link

This is a remix of a well know SID track called Cooperation by Future Freak. I did this because I adore the melodies in the original and wanted to pay my respects to it. So with the upcoming Nordlicht and my wish to have something to release there, I thought why not finish this for the music competition. From last years experience I knew that there would be a strong faction of oldschool platform guys who might be interested in hearing an old, well known melody brought to the present again with a new approach. And apparently they did enjoy it. Thank you to Future Freak for composing the original. I Love it.


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