Preparing for Nordlicht 2014

This is probably the hardest preparation I have ever gone through with regards to demoscene activities. Nordlicht 2014 is just around the corner and I have been waiting for this moment for a year now. But several things already got in the way of having a great and relaxing weekend in Bremen. First of all, the one band my friend and I adore are playing just that once this year and its right on the sunday of Nordlicht. Since the band hasnt been playing for years and hasn’t created any new material and most likely will not be plaing anytime soon, we had to get tickets for that. This will be the first time I will ever see them and probably the last. But why on earth had it to happen on the same weekend. Well, that reduces my party experience to two days. And of that, I reduced it to only one day, because on Friday nothing much is happening and I already had spent the hotel money on concert tickets. Nevertheless, saturday was and is the planned day. Early arrival and late dismissal from the party, that is the actual plan. But of course it all can change because I have not finished any of the releases I had planned for the party. Normally, as in the last years, I am releasing in multiple categories, like streaming music, exemusic, photo, gravedigger, oldschool graphics and maybe participate in some demostuff. But this year, Much of my energy went into the completion of the second album of my band project, so there was no time to get anything done until last month. But what I immediately recognized was a feeling of being burned out. I had no motivation to work on music anymore and still don’t have, so there is nothing ready yet for the party in five days. And you know, if you go to a party, you better bring your ace game. I wouldn’t want to be there and spam the party witch some compofillers. I rather send them remotely to a party, but with the live experience, I want to bring my best. Unfortunately all my best ended on the album and counts as released now. The second thing i wanted to do is bring some oldschool pixels, but during all the music, I wasn’t motivated for pixelling at all. Or better said, I didn’t allow myself to get motivated, because of the big album project that I wanted to finish first. And now that thats done, I have started pixelling again, but nothing ready for the party. And there wont be, most likely. The third big thing is an idea I had for a wild entry and I have been working on that with Virgill for some time now. It is almost done, but took way more time than estimated. It was calculated with 6 to 8 hours but we’re around 30 right now and there is still some stuff to do. We will figure it out, I hope, so that I can at least bring something. Maybe KML will release something at the party. I really want to be there and meet with all the great people I got to know over the years, but I really do not like to go to a party and contribute nothing. Please, anyone, got some motivation left for me?


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