Back in pixelling

Finally, after around six months, in which I devoted all of my spare time to music and getting my project done, I am in the switch back to pixelling. Maybe for the rest of the year. I have been sitting on a series of motives which center around one idea and I feel so motivated to get those pictures out of my head. So what I did was load up timanthes and pretty much start. But you know, it was kind of hard to get the feeling for it again. I haven’t been using Timanthes for such a long time. It feels like I have to make myself comfortable with it again, maybe with pixelling in general. There is no doubt that I love it and I feel, I am filled with ideas and things I want to do, but right now, it is like I am not able to get them done as fast as I want to, since it feels a little strange to pixel. I hope I can maneuver around that and go back to the time when I bathed in the love for pixelling. Now, after three days on a new motive – I did only an hour a day on it – I experience easy frustration when things don’t go as planned. That are the times when I now stop working on it, move on and come back at a later time. I can prevent frustration that way, but in the same time it works against my motivation to get things done. I haven’t felt like this before, not even when I started pixelling, since then it was all about learning how to do it and now, when I can look back on what I already did and with the knowledge of how many hours those pictures have taken me to create, it is strange in a way that I cannot describe. Maybe you can?


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