You or Me

You or Me

  • running time in minutes : 4:45
  • size in mb : 6,70
  • format : ogg
  • quality in kbit : 187
  • genre : Electronic, Tribal, Gothic
  • released : Freestyle Music competition at @party 2014, ranked 4th

This is another track which I initially made for something completely different. Some time ago, I wrote de concept for a demo and it was looking good with regards to it being created. So I enthusiastically started doing a track. Of course at that time there were no vocals planned. It was supposed to be something that would fit the demo and its mood. But somehow the demo fell through and this ended up not being used for a long while. Some time this year, I revived the project, because in the meantime I had written a songtext that suddenly reminded me of the track. And it did fit perfectly. I had to restructure it and enrich the soundscape. It worked really well. By the way, did you notice that it starts being 3/4 and then moves to 4/4? Anyway, the next plan was to put this on a musicdisk, together with other tracks I made which were not suitable for a music competition, but that project didn’t happen so it ended up in a music competition. Well. At least I got people to hear it. Hope some of them did like it. You wonder why there i sno download link or soundcloud? Well, this is going onto my album, so you can get it from there.

Safe Creative #1401209864599


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