Flashback 2014 results

The australian demoparty Flashback is about to have its prizegiving ceremony very shortly, so I guess there is no better time than now to let you know what happened there release wise. I did enter the streaming music competition with my newest track called I die today, which i released under TRSi. As I was able to catch the competition live today, I recognized that my track was very different from the other stuff that was entered in the competition. While most of it had an electronic approach my track was more gothic-vocal based, so it was quite a variation in the competition. The track was ranked 2nd in the competition which I am quite happy about. To my surprise, there was an Onslaught demo called Eclectic, coded by algorithm and conjuror with a shitload of improved audio and video digitizing and compression routines which lead to some astonishing scenes. I had a small gfx in the demo which I wasn’t really aware of, since the gfx wasn’t originally made for that purpose, but I am more than ok with the fact that they used it. The demo was ranked 1st in the oldschool demo competition. Unfortunately I couldn’t get my compofiller newschool exemusic ready in time. I had one prepared but we ran into problems when creating the exe. Virgill figured it out in the end, but the deadline had already passed. I will probably enter it somewhere else, or maybe just drop it competely. I will add the releases later.


One thought on “Flashback 2014 results

  1. Reload says:

    Thank you for your support for FLASHBACK!! your contribution uplifted the party with your tune!! each year you support us and its HIGHLY respected and we wish to see you actually at FLASHBACK in the future!!
    Flashback organiser – Reload/defame

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