• Platform : C64
  • genre : trackload demo
  • runnig time : 10:31 min
  • works : Graphics
  • released : #1 at Northcon Demoverse 2013 combined realtime demo/intro competition

  • download release here : link
  • visit release at : link
  • visit releae at csdb : link
  • view demo on youtube: link

Oh  man, i can’t believe this demo is done. After nearly 1,5 years of work it finally sees the light of day. Of course the main work was done by the coders and my participation was rather small with only four graphics in it, but i feel like i have been part of the process all the time. There were a lot of opportunities for me to watch the progress and offer my opinion on the effects and it is clearly visible that especially Elder did evolve his codning skills a lot during the making of this demo. I am so happy that it is so well received. Everyone working on this demo has earned that. Since I will upload one of the main gfx from the demo to a separate page, I will leave that out in my retrospect view here. Lets start from the beginning. I was asked to do a spriteset for the water animation at the beginning, but during the restrictions it turned out that the sprites Freshness had done were already the best you could do, so they were kept. I probably would have emphasized more on a wavy moving up than this constant way, to make it a little more believable. A sine table maybe could have helped a little. I remember, Elders original idea about the opening screen involved an underwater steampunk city. I was asked to take over that job but after two tries I had to admit, that I am simply wasn’t capable to carry out his ideas.  AGod offered to help out but somehow the screen(s) he did, must have not been to the liking of Elder, too, so the idea of the underwater city was dropped for something more doable. And that result you can see now. My first real job was the face and the sprites in the first multiplexer and wobble border part. I started with the face. Elder looked for a steampunk girl who would invoke the idea of blowing wind out of her mouth from thebottom of the screen and have the sprites fly through that wind. My first try of the girl didn’t work out very well, because it was too high. I was given restrictions and started over again. For the sprites, I had the idea of a multi-animated leaf, but my first tries showed that I could get the thing like I wanted it to be so I changed them into those balloons or bubbles if you want. Damn, a sprite in multicolor does not have that many pixels you can work with :). Anyway, the next and probably main gfx I did was the girl with the hat. I saw the part before and the transition which featured that awesome colorset of grey, red, black and brown, which I ultimately wanted to use as the base for my picture. I started with the foreground and the girl and worked at the background afterwards. We had the idea to make the bg appear first and then lay the girl upon it and i liked it very much. I would have loved to see this part evolve even more with a perspective sroller on the red part, or a scroller on the grey that moves behind the girl, but those ideas were dropped somehow. The next thing i did was the charset. I actually did three versions, 2×2 which you can see right under the girl to display the credits, a bold version for the tunnel effect, because the regular one didn’t work very well with the zoom routine and a 1×1 one which actually got used only in the demo notes file, because you couldn’t read anything that well in the end part. The final gfx i did for this demo was the frame in the rotator-part. Aside that I actually made three versions of a gfx for the rotation itself, but none of them were to the pleasing of the coders :). Too bad. I liked at least one of them very much. Maybe they will be used elsewhere. The final thing I tried to come up with were ideas on how to improve the desing wihtout having to alter the code. And the only thing I could think of were modifications of the colors. That turned out to be a really hard thing, because sometimes it wasn’t possible that easy because of the already implemented gfx format restrictions and areas and the other thing was that my suggestions weren’t either liked by the coders or didn’t work out the way I thought they would. There is much to be learned for us all in that area. Next time we will focus on that from the start, or at least take it into consideration while planning. One final word to the music. When I heared it the first time, I didn’t really like it but Psycho8580 did manage to pull it off in the end. Now I am all for it and I enjoy it very much. It takes a lot of skill to have one track that runs app. 10 minutes and keep it interesting and versatile all the time and not to interrupt the flow by changing the theme so much. Psycho8580 did archive exactly that. Even the end tune works so well with the whole thing. They even took the time and synchronize it to the effects to a great extend. I can only salute you guys for that. All in all, I feel it is a great demo that make us learn a lot during its making and the result and motivated us for more stuff to come. I am proud to be a part of this demo.


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