The Forest deep

The Forest Deep

  • release platform: C64
  • format: 4 screen hires bitmap
  • background : light grey
  • colors : 4
  • inspiration : a pictureset i stumbled upon while surfing the web
  • program used : Timanthes
  • released : #2 at Northcon Demoverse 2013 pixel gfx compo.

  • watch, comment and rate at ArtCity: link
  • watch, comment and rate at csdb: link

The moment I was aware that there was going to be another demoparty in close distance, I decided to create something for it. But at that time I kind of felt a little uninspired so I browsed the net and stumbled upon a beautiful picture which instantly made me think about a small story that would fit the mood of the picture very well. So I layed down 8 screens for the picture. But when time moved on and I had worked on the first and second scene, I realized that 8 screens wouldnt be doable in the time left at all. So I cut it down to four and concentrated to make them as good as I was able to, working from outlines of the black foreground to the back , layer by layer. The 4 screens do tell a little story that hopefully presents itself through the picutres. For the last screen I hesitated because I had to make the choice to move the ending into something that you would expect, like the rescue of the rabbit friend, as you can see now, or something funny and unexpected, like her finding and petting of a Commodore logo. I chose the rabbit, because the “lolz” of the logo would just work for that one time the picture is presented and maybe become strange or alien over time. The picture got finished one day before the deadline, because I was constantly adding and changing details. Some time then, I thought, I needed to stop it or it would never end and I would miss the deadline. A huge thanks must go to enthusi for coding the displayer for me!

This next paragraph is especially for hedning/G+P and all the ones he is speaking for representatively, because he was asking me to go into detail about the source I used for this picture. I am writing this here and not on csdb to not have that discussion spamming another picture thread again. Those threads are there by the dozens and i guess since its personal, it kind of belongs here. Well, I hear you and since you so humbly asked for it (my translation of your question: May i see the picture that inspired you to expose where, what and how much you copied this time. ), let me lay it out for you completely. Beforehand I ask you to google by yourself, since I think you are capable of finding them by yourself.
The central element that invoked the idea for this whole story you can see from the 1,5 to 3rd screen. those elements are to a great extend taken from the inspiration picture I saw. I had to make the transitions between the separate screens myself so that they do make sense. the second (dark grey) and third layer (light grey) are to a good extend improvised, because the source picture didn’t feature that many layers and in addition was blurry. I also added a lot of details (plants, lianes, animals, tree, branches and the pretty basic mountain layer) and turned things slightly around to enrich the scene and make it work under hires restrictions. The first half of the first screen I imagined to be the start of the story, where the mother of the girl is talking to another woman, not caring about her child whose pet ran away into the forest. This is mostly own work, with a look at Fachwerkhaus-Pictures. I did the 3rd layer twice since I wasn’t satisfied the first time and to be honest I am not a 100% now, but the focus is on the front and not that much on the background, so I went with it. The fourth and last screen which resemble the conclusion of the story (the finding of the pet) is to 95% my own imagination. If you break it down to the whole picture, I can’t tell exactly how much of it is own inspiration and how much is based on the work of the artist who created the paperwork that is the base for my idea. I hope you are satisfied with this detailed explanation. I tried to calculate how many pixels were mine, but I got bored half way because I couldn’t determin it exactly.It must be around 50/50. But I will try harder next time, in every aspect! Thank you very much.


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