Northcon Demoverse – Results

Wow, wow, wow, what a strange party that was. I haven’t seen such thing ever before. The demoparty that probably had it all, demosceners, weirdly dressed people who were sometimes pretty sexy (props to the makers of the costumes, they were awesome), booze and not to forget the sport of the kings, BINGO! Yes, you read correctly, there was a Bingo tournament held in the party hall because of the organizers problem of having the main hall occupied by people playing SC2. But first things first. I wanted to support the party with four releases and my presence. The trip to the party didn’t work out for reasons that might be irrational to the majority of people but were real to me and I struggled a lot, almost forcing me to go, but in the end I didn’t. So there were the four planned releases left. Streaming music, exemusic, demo and pixel graphics were the categories in which I wanted to compete. But somehow after the trip had to be cancelled I felt a loss of motivation and in the end I only managed to get the graphics for the demo and the standalone graphics ready for the party. One could say, 50% of what was planned has been done and that is a good thing, but I feel like I had to do more to support the organizers and make up for not being there. Well, you can’t thange that now, so lets actually o to what I experienced via stream.
First I noticed, the hall was prepared for over a hundred people, so it felt almost empty all the time although some demosceners were around. Gamers mostly didn’t show up. I saw several of them peeking through the door and standing there for a short while, but not daring to go inside and stay. Only at the end, there must have been some visitors to see the demo competition. Well, the competitions. As expected the support was not very strong and I explained that to myself through the fact that the party was announced relatively late and was mainly a gamer party, so that must’ve kept people from visiting. Another reason could have been that many have booked their vacation over christmas and have no days left to visit another party, not with tUM coming up. Maybe people were saving releases for that party too. So what I experienced were three to four entries per competition and half of them were not what I would call serious efforts but merely compofillers (Shouts to the ones who actually worked hard for their entries!). The two strangest things were that the main organizers of the LAN party decided to move the Cosplay contest into the demoscene hall due to scheduling conflicts and delays in the main hall. So the demoscene area was filled with gamers who looked and around 20 Cosplayers with wonderfully crafted costumes. Respect. That must have been a lot of work. But I couldn’t help myself finding it a strange thing, because there is no connection between Cosplay and demoscene at all. Maybe we could make one and set up our own Cosplay tournament but I fear, we will see a lot of truck-like masked sceners :). Anyway, after that “compo” was done there actually was a marriage proposal happening to one of the Cosplayers which felt pretty ridiculous. Moving on. The strangest thing was the Bingo tournament, no doubt there. Due to the same reasons the “compo” was moved to the demoscene hall and we saw two half naked girls with guns (Great beamer text overlay: “random girl with hardware”. I LOLd so hard!) and a guy telling the rules. After the first number was revealed someone shouted BINGO and I again LOLd because I thought that must have been streettuff (Sorry if it wasn’t you!), because that is something I would see him do :D. Finally that event was over too and things went back to normal. Well, not really normal, because there were only very few guests around. I feel for the organizers who did a lot to make this party happen and must feel frustrated now, after experiencing this. And I feel bad for deciding not to go. I would have loved to see the people again and I am judging myself for not making it, but in the end, I couldn’t.
What is left to give away are the results of the competitions, but somehow I feel they are not really relevant because of the whole competition feeling. My gfx compo entry The Forest deep got 2nd in the oldschool gfx compo and the demo I participated with gfx in called RUST actually won the combined realtime demo/intro competition. YAY! I will add the releases later.


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