The Reign of SID

The Reign of SID – Alternate Channels Version

  • release platform: C64
  • format: multicolor charmode
  • background : can’t remember
  • colors : 3+bg
  • reference : various pictures of city scapes
  • program used : Timanthes
  • released : in Channels – spadpcm1 by Onslaught.

  • watch, comment and rate at ArtCity: link
  • see demo at csdb: link
  • see demo at pouet: link
  • download demo: link

As i said in the other post, this is the alternate version of the picture. This developed “on the fly” with the other picture. I originally started with the SID chip in the middle, but when i worked on the background i disabled the layer in timanthes and went for the fullscreen cities version. From the beginning my idea was to have something that expresses the reign of the sid chip symbolically. Since the chip itself hasn’t been modified in a manner that would allow different displays i went for something that resembled that development over time and connected the past the present and the future. And that thing is a city. Cities have been around in the past, they are in the present and they will be in the future, so my idea was to surround the SID chip exactly with time epoches of those cities to carry the idea of its reign of all times. The bottom left part resembles the past, the top part stands for the present and the bottom right part for the future. I guess you figured that out by yourself already. As said in the other post, i am very proud of this pixelwork. I had serious doubts that i could pull it off and i looked at hundreds of photos of cities and buildings at that time. The most frightening thing was the idea to put it all into charmode. As you know i like greyscale but for such a detailed picture 3+1 color can be really less than you need, or at least feel you need to pull it off. So the only thing you could do, was to use the inbetween shades. And i did. It gave me a few more options without breaking the boundaries of charmode. Thanks to timanthes, which is awesome, i was able to turn off and on the various layers i used to get this together. That is an option i learned to appreciate a lot. I cannot remember exactly how many hours i spent doing this, but i know it were a lot. If you ask me to guess i would say around 50 or so. Just as much as i spent on the doublescreen picture this year. Yes, this was already created in 2012 and waited for its release a long time. I really hope you like this, because i do a lot. I think its the best picture i did so far. Looking at the workstages, it feels good to see it all come together so nicely in the end. There were times when i was at the brink of throwing it all away.


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