• Platform : C64
  • genre : onefile techdemo
  • runnig time : 2:01 min
  • works : Graphics
  • released : 29th of November 2013

  • download release here : link
  • visit release at : link
  • visit releae at csdb : link

Finally this piece is released. I am so happy that it got used as it was meant to be. For the SID music tech demo Channels. I started this picture, which is charmode, a year ago and had it on my HD for so long since algorithm was busy with other stuff. I often thought about releasing it as a standalone in a graphics competition, because i had an alternate version made without the sid in the middle. The real title of this picture is The Reign of SID – Past Present and Future and i am most proud of it, because when i started it i had a lot of doubts that i can pull it off with such a low amount of colors. But i somehow did and i consider this my best work so far. It is all done pixel by pixel in timanthes and took me ages to finish, probably around 50 hours or so. I cant say that exactly but i remember working on it for so long. I will upload the alternate version in the next days, because i consider it released aswell. The different colors in the demo kind of surprised me because we did not talk about that beforehand but i guess they work and add something extra to the demo, which i find amazing. How could you ever think that the C64 would be able to play so much digitized stuff in such a quality and all without loading. Great work there. I hope you like what you see and hear.


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