• release platform: C64
  • format: hires charmode
  • background : black
  • colors : 1
  • reference : a movie poster, a game, own
  • program used : Timanthes
  • released : in Soy un Delincuente by Onslaught, #1 at Syntax 2013 oldschool demo compo.

  • watch, comment and rate at ArtCity: link
  • see demo at csdb: link
  • see demo at pouet: link
  • download demo: link

If you see the workstages of this picture you will recognize that this started out to be a two screen picture only with the both characters at the bottom, who are Moritz Bleibtreu and Johanna Wokalek. But somehow it kind of turned into a running thing, since i couldnt stop adding stuff to it and so it became what it is now, a five screen large image with components that do not fit together that well overall. For the demo it was converted into 4 charsets to allow better handling. This was my first try of a multiscreen picture.


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