Soy un Delincuente

Soy un Delincuente


  • Platform : C64
  • genre : trackloaded demo
  • runnig time : 8:31 min
  • works : Graphics
  • released / ranked : 1st at Syntax 2013 oldschool demo competition

  • download release here : link
  • visit release at : link
  • visit releae at csdb : link
  • watch video on youtube here : link

I am most happy to present you the winner demo of the Syntax 2013 oldschool democompetition. This demo was fully coded by Conjuror of Onslaught, with music by Adam of Onslaught and almost every graphics (excluding the charset) done by me. Man, I am so happy to be part of this demo and to be able to work together with those two friends. Actually the party stream was the first time I saw the whole thing running. Although the party was held 20.000 km away from here, I was so nervous and excited when the slide announced the demo. It was awesome to see it and get the crowds reaction. I knew of the separate parts and ideas, but never saw it all come together. The main reason for that might be that Conjuror worked on it until half an hour before the deadline. Party coding for the win, I guess. As you can see the theme of the demo is heavily influenced by the Godfather, which led to the mostly black and white look. I think it does work very well and that the effects are the only things that have colors makes them stand out a little more. I will upload the graphics and add them to the site very soon. In the meantime, enjoy the video, or better, download the .d64 and put it in your C64 emulator. Or even better, transfer it to disk and watch it on real hardware.


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