Syntax 2013 – Results

As it turned out, it was a really good idea to get something done for the Syntax oldschool graphics competition. I just finished watching the recordings of the second set of competitions aswell as the results and I must admint, one one hand I am not really surprised, because our Onslaught demo Soy un Delincuente was ranked 1st in the oldschool democompetition. There was just one other production and that was a onefile demo by defame whereas SUD was a trackloading diskside full of enjoyment, if I may say so. Nevertheless I am super-proud and happy that the demo was so well received, especially I am happy for conjuror, who put such a lot of effort in his one man production and managed to get it donee for the party. I really hope you enjoyed the presentation there, live, as much as I enjoyed it via stream here at home. Thank you for having me on board. I love the demo. And of course congratulations for the deserved first place! Maybe you can get me a photo of that prize you received.
My second participation was, as stated before, with a concept gfx on the C64. I must admit, I didn’t want to participate at all, since I was not really happy with how the picture was coming along. I layed the groundwork for my picture Hideout at Nordlicht party earlier this year and had it on my HD for some time, not daring to finish it. But then, when I thought what the hell, just support the Onslaught presence at the party with something, I sat down and finished it. It has not seen the most work-time and could clearly be made better, but that was something I couldn’t manage on short notice and with the thought of just wanting to fill the compo a little, I came to terms with it and sent it over. The idea seemed to have worked pretty well, since I actually won the oldschool gfx compo with it against around 9 other entries or so. That was pretty surprising, but of course I am so happy about it!!! I guess I managed to transport the idea behind it without having the most elegant work. And don’t tell me its because there were two ONS members voting for me. With 50 other people, that couldn’t have been it…. unless nobody else voted 😉
The releases are coming up later today.


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