• running time in minutes : 2:22:222 (demo cut)
  • size in kb : 0,8
  • format : exe
  • quality in kbit : –
  • genre : Electronic
  • released : as soundtrack of  the 4kb intro “st4TRSIk” by TRSi, ranked 3rd at TRSAC 2013

  • visit the track at soundcloud : link
  • visit release at pouet : link
  • watch video at youtube : link

14 days before TRSAC I was approached by skomp and asked if I wanted to do a demotrack for his and fells 4kb intro for TRSAC which also should serve asn an invitation for northcon demoverse. Of course I was interested, but at first I didn’t want to do it because it had to be 4klang and I was sick of using standard patches. Luckily a few days later skomp provided a set of instruments and showed me a few screenshots of the intro. I was inspired by them to do a laid back techno trance whatever track, like Dreams by Quench. That was a track I listened a lot to, back in the days. So I started, they both liked the first preview and from that point on, it pretty much wrote itself. The only real struggle was at the end, when it came to tweaking the instruments. For some time skomp and I misunderstood eachother so I tweaked an instrument that he didn’t meant. That took a lot of nerves, since it was only 2 days before the party. But as you can see, we finally managed to understand eachother and get it done. And I am pretty happy how al turned out. The track works well with the visuals and although its only one major effect, I think its not unentertaining for a secon. Surprisingly it didn’t really help size-wise to tweak the instruments. 4klang works in mysterious ways. I am looking forward to work with you again in the future!

Safe Creative #1310208799866


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