All eyes on Syntax and Northcon

You know what they say, after the party is before the party. And that statement seems more true at the moment than ever. Nordlicht 2013 is just over and I came back with a ton of new impressions and good vibes but also with the feeling that I could sit back for a while now and concentrate on doing nothing. And the statement of Warhead, that I had done enough release wise this year, supported my idea. But somehow I couldn’t resist thinking about the upcoming C64 productions for Onslaught which are supposed to be released at the Syntaxparty in Australia this November. Especially one production got me thinking again. I had promised to support it as good as I could but felt that I had to do more, since I had to turn down the offer to create the title picture for it. It was a special motive that I simply wasn’t able to pixel to my satisfaction. So what happened was, that I got motivated again to work for the production to make up for the time I spent on other things. And it feels good now to have produced something over the last weeks that satisfies not only me but the coder and the other people involved, too. With it I had some ideas for the scene that could be arranged around the graphics, but I guess we will see about that when the time comes. And I am still motivated to do more. What I found out lately is, that I have ideas which I want to transfer into pixelwork, but simply am not able to do at this point. I need to create and update a workflow for some stuff first to at least be able to try out my ideas and not give up before trying.

Another thing that happened lately was the info that the Nordlicht orga team was contacted by the organizers of the Northcon, a huge and popular gamer party in northern Germany, and asked if they were interested in hosting a small demoscene event in a separate hall at Northcon. I find that really interesting and I would like to help out organizing if there was a chance not to have to endure the loudness of the party all the time. I guess I have to pass again, because i think its impossible to have one without the other. And its even uncertain if this is really going to happen. it would be cool though, because it would be a party close by and i would visit for sure. Lets see if that is going to happen.


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