Innerprise (2013)

Innerprise (2013)

  • running time in minutes : 4:37
  • size in mb : 5,30
  • format : mp3
  • quality in kbit : 160
  • genre : Electronic
  • released : at Assembly 2013 wild competition as
    Soundtrack of  “Tau-Ceti”, the Webgl demo by Paradise & Planet Earth.

  • visit the track at soundcloud : link
  • visit release at pouet : link
  • watch video at youtube : link
  • watch online version of the demo : link
  • download the offline version : link

Wow, this thing really has a history. The first draft of it was done in the nineties, shortly before i took a break of making music (not for long). It was a multichannel xm and i did it in fasttracker, Since there was no use for it i didn’t develop it until half. But i wanted to keep the idea. After some time, when i got back into the scene there were two occasions where i used parts of it. First, as a jingle for the BitJam Podcast series and secondly i used a bit as the soundtrack for a small intro by a newcomer of the demoscene. Since I was still interested in finishing the tune, i transferred everything into my music program, added VST instruments and effects n stuff and composed the other two thirds of what you can hear now. It has been a pleasure to do and i am happy that the track is now finally released and not on my harddisk anymore.
Some words on how this ended up as the soundtrack of rebbs demo. He contacted me four days before Assembly and asked me if i had something that would fit a space theme. I sent him the late beta, that had most of the composing, but no mastering and he thought it would fit, so i did the rest and sent it to him. Unfortunately the time was so short and there we so many things to do, that in the end a party version had to be released with the late beta of this track inside. But well, thats not such a big deal, since it was only missing the last few steps to finalization. So i am still super happy that i could participate in his project with this track. And the thought of having it played infront of the whole Assembly crowd simply gives me such pleasure. Its all good. Being part is the thing and that i archieved. thank you, rebb.

Safe Creative #1308045532968


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