Natura Morta

Natura Morta

  • release platform : C64
  • format : koala
  • background : black
  • colors : 4
  • inspiration : own imagination
  • program used : Timanthes
  • released : in Natura Morta Demo by TRSi, #2 at Nordlicht 2013 oldschool demo compo.

  • watch, comment and rate at ArtCity : link
  • visit demo at csdb : link
  • visit demo at pouet : link
  • watch demo on youtube : link
  • download demo : link

This demo started out as a logo for the 3 color logo competition at csdb which was held there some time ago. I wanted to makes something like my the paperhearted gypsy picture but it didn’t take long before I ran out of chars. I could have stripped and modified it to fit one charset, but I really didn’t want to do that, so I came up with the idea to animate the scenery and make it a small onefiler. That offered the opportunity to work together with my dear TRSi mate streettuff on a production, which was something I always wanted to do. So he made the code and I finished the picture and made 11 different animated parts with each 4 animations, making it a total of 44 animations. Those animations you see are bitmap and no sprites (ask streettuff why he preferred that). Each consists of a 3×3 char field (or was it 4×4?) and is copied over during the running of the demo with the help of an animations table which sets when wich animations is played. It was really a fun experience to do so much animations for once, because I had to learn it all by myelf. Before this demo the only animation I had done was the cubesprite, but that was easier because the cube is something you know how it looks when you spin it. These anims are from pure imagination. A fun thing is – and I must admit, I didn’t do that intentionally – that everyone keeps pointing at the balloon, which is obviously one of the first sprites mentioned in the old C64 handbook. That was a surprise and made me laugh. I will not upload the animations here, because they are boring and you can see them in the demo. So, download it or watch the youtube version here:


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