Mind Collapse

Mind Collapse

  • release platform: C64
  • format: FLI
  • background : grey
  • colors : 13
  • inspiration : a picture i found on the net
  • program used : Timanthes
  • released :  #2 at Nordlicht 2013 oldschool gfx compo.

  • watch, comment and rate at ArtCity : link
  • see picture at csdb : link
  • download release pack : link

Wow, this is the biggest picture I have done so far. Its doublescreen FLI and took me around 75 hours to finish. That is more than I have spent on a picture ever. But aside the fact that there are numerous things I would like to have done different but couldn’t due to various reasons, I like this work. When I decided to visit Nordlicht I knew, that there would be heavy competition in the oldschool gfx compo. I knew that Veto and Yazoo were supposed to visit and my thought was, I need to go big against them or I wouldn’t stand a chance. That is when I decided to go for the first doublescreen picture ever. I found this beautiful motiv on the net and started working on It around three months before the party. First I sketched the face, the outlines of everything and then began to fill areas with basic colors just to rework them afterwards. Checke the workstages gif in the archive. I made the mistake of pixelling in unrestricted mode and when I wanted to break it down to multicolor I saw the clashes I would have had to fix. that was when I chose FLI as an alternative, because it was much more suitable and had way less clashes to fix. The next problem was to get a proper displayer. There was no code around to scroll a fullscreen fli picture, so I asked a few people and Peiselulli was so great to get it done in a day. Thank you a lot for that. Unfortunately the party organizers didn’t show the scroller at the party but only the exported picture. I guess it was the easierst way for them. Anyway it was great. And I learned a lot from this picture. I tried not to use dithered areas as a separate color but try to mix more colors to get smoother shadings and make myself comfortable to work with them. I also tried color compositions and methods of dithering that I didn’t tried before. Another thing I tried was the influence of light sources, reflecting on surfaces, but that didn’t work out as good as I had it in mind. Nevertheless it was helpful for me to try and understand a little more of how it works. I would really like to continue this in my next works.


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