Zeropage Gravity

Zeropage Gravity

  • Platform : C64
  • genre : onefile demo
  • runnig time : 1:45 min
  • works : Add. Code, Main Gfx & Animation
  • released / ranked : 3rd at Nordlicht 2013 oldschool demo compoetition

  • download release here : link
  • visit release at : link
  • visit releae at csdb : link
  • watch video on youtube here : link

Wow, finally it is done. Virgill and my first real and serious try on C64 coding after having not touched that machine for coding for about 23 to 24 years. We basically had to start learning Assembler from scratch. But this was so fun to do, I can tell you. Sitting together with him in his home, watching some senseless TV show in the back and working on the demo code and gfx. Actually, he did the most of the codework, because he was able to learn that stuff much faster and concentrated on the code very much while I was busy doing other stuff like gfx or music. Nevertheless I am overwhelmingly happy that we finished it in time for the Nordlicht 2013 democompo. The last parts, like the introduction-music and the timing were done at the partyplace on friday evening and saturday morning. If you pay attention closely you might recognize this music from somewhere else. Virgill had a great idea and I am not giving it away here. Just one hint, it has to do with music and his releases at the party. Go check for yourself.
We started this project shortly after the last Nordlicht and worked on it sometimes more, sometimes less. Inbetween Virgill lost his memorystick, so some parts had to be re-done. This code is by far not optimized and unpacked 202 blocks. If we had done it better, maybe one or two more effects would have fit into the demo. But that wasn’t the case. Maybe I can get him into doing another demo together. That would be awesome. Here is the demo as video, for those of you who don’t know how to work with an emulator.


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