• release platform: C64
  • format: charmode
  • background : black
  • colors : 3
  • inspiration : a picture of the artist
  • program used : Timanthes
  • released : in Zeropage Gravity Demo by TRSi, #3 at Nordlicht 2013 oldschool demo compo.

  • watch, comment and rate at ArtCity: link
  • see demo at csdb: link
  • download demo: link

This was planned as a charmode picture from the beginning. I always wanted it to fit into one charset to make it usable in any demo that needs to watch for memory. The artist (Tom Copson) I know of a concert in my city, where I met him in person and was impressed by his music and the way he thought about his creativity and his music (Go, check it out!). So I decided to do another portrait in the style of .. oh wait, I can’t tell you, because the earlier picture is still unreleased. This fits into one charset with a few free chars. I had some doubts, especially when I added the hair, because I knew that would need a lot of additional chars. But in the end it did. The reason this was release in Zeropage Gravity is, that there was some memory left and I wanted a gfx included since the starting logo was just a retouched conversion.


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