Nordlicht 2013 – results

Wow, what a party. I had a blast meeting all the people, enjoying the weather and watching the competitions. There will be a personal party report some time soon, I just need to finalize and format it and maybe find the appropriate release platform. You will find all my personal thoughts and statements regarding various topics in there. Let me focus on the results in this small post. All in all, I participated in not less than 5 releases in various competitions, sometimes alone, with my own stuff, sometimes with others on a cooperation production. Lets sum up how I did.
The first entry is named NOODLES 100% [pal/ntsc][cookfixed]-PST. This was a cooperation between Virgill and me for the photo competition. It was made out of noodles, jelly, cookies and ice and resembled a classic crack intro screen. It didn’t work out as we intended, because the small letters were not readable on the bigscreen and they didn’t zoom in. At least we could eat the prod afterwards, who can say that of his ;). It placed 10th out of 12 entries.
The next entry is another cooperation I did together with Virgill. It is the small C64 demo we programmed over the last year and its called Zeropage Gravity. It was really fun to do and released for TRSi. Of course it is massively inferior on the technical side, but I find it well designed and really good with respect to out coding abilities. It entered the oldschool democompetition and placed 3rd of 7. It was such a pleasure to watch it on the bigscreen and hear the people react to it, especially our groupmates Streettuff and Peiselulli, who had no idea that we had developed something.
Coming to the third prodction, which is another small demo for the same competition, released for TRSi. This one I did together with Streettuff. He coded it and I did the gfx. Its called Natura Morta and placed 2nd of 7.
The fourth production that I was part of was the TRSi C64 DTV demo called Outtakes which was mainly done by Benson and Peiselulli of TRSi. My part was not very big in it. I just drew a 2×2, 10 frames sprite animation of a bird. They had difficulties playing the demo which was unfortunate, but it did run after a while. It placed 5th out of 7 in the oldschool democompetition.
The fifth competition entry was my production for the oldschool graphics competition. Its called Mind Collapse and is released for TRSi aswell, since the code and the music were done by the TRSi members Peiselulli and Linus. All details to the picture can be found in its own post later this week. It was ranked 2nd out of 8. There is a history regarding the competition, with pictures not being shown etc., so that in the end, my ranking is flattering but not necessarily reflecting the overall quality of the entries of that compo. Long story short, my entry was ranked 2nd out of 8.
The last of my entries was my submission in the streaming music competition called Change. A track my dear friend Ellina did the vocals for. I really love this track and thats the reason why I saved it for the party which I was attending personally. I wanted to hear it on the huge PA and want to have the reactions live. Although the PA settings did not compliment my track it did leave an impression and it looked like many others enjoyed it, too. it was ranked 2nd oout of 12 tracks that were released there and I find that a huge accomplishment.
So now you know how I did in the competitions. Read all about the party in my partyreport later. I will add the releases one by one over the next days.


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