20 days to Nordlicht 2013

One year has passed and the event of the year (at least for me) is coming up. Nordlicht 2013 is approaching so fast that I am having problems keeping up with the days. Last time I checked the coutdown it said 89 days left until the party. Now its only 20 days. What the hell has happened to the 60 days inbetween? It is almost unbelievable how fast time sometimes runs. One moment the desired date seems so far away (e.g. the day we went back from Nordlicht 2012) and the other moment you wish for a few more days because slowly the panic is creeping up your spine that the releases you are planning are not going to be finished in time. When I look a the competition table, there are numerous compos I want to compete in and I am steadily working to make that happen. But to be honest, for the first time, I have udnerestimated the workload. There is stuff, that is ready and done, then there is stuff of which I know that it won’t happen at all and then there is the broad majority of stoff that is in the making. Please cross your fingers for me that i can finish most of it so that i am not forced to either release 80% versions or not to release at all. Although, not releasing is not an option for me. Totally not. It may come down to some last minute party hacking. But whom do I surprise with that. I guess not many.
What I am looking forward to is to meet all the people again who I haven’t seen for a long time. That will be so enjoyable and there will be enough room to meet new people aswell. Judging by the guest list, I see a strong representation of the oldschool C64 front, which is great. We will hopefully see some activity on that platform in the competitions. Next stop will be the 10 days to Nordlich Post with a short update on how I am doing with my releases. Until then.


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