To convert or not to convert, that seems to be the question. After reading a few comments on my latest picture Vihma I thought it would be a good thing to tell you my point of view on conversions. To make it simple. I don’t like them. Not that retouched conversions don’t look great sometimes, I – and this is a very personal opinion – think converting or wiring an image is a copy-job made even easier. I copy from sources for many of my pictures, not the logos but the other ones. Sometimes I try to combine elements from different sources, sometimes I add own ideas. That is how I do my pixelwork. Not one of the pictures I have done so far are converted. There is another method I too don’t use and that is putting the original in the back, set the transparency of the layer and overpixel the original. I am of stong belief that I need to pixel from scratch, with the source – as far as I use one – beside me on the table. Sometimes it takes ages to even get the basic form right, sometimes I can get there fast, sometimes I can’t get it right at all and discard the picture completely. If I would use a converter, I am sure that a few of my works would turn out much better than they are now. Feel free to test that. I won’t, because it is not my way of doing things and I wouldn’t want to have it any other way even if that means never to get as good as I want to be. And I am speaking only for myself here, everyone is entitled and encouraged to do things his or her way. That will keep the variety of pictures and techniques alive.  Everyone has to make his or her own choice which techniques to use to get the result they want. I did. And converting/wiring is not it.


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