@party 2013 – results

And yet again another party with my participation ended. This time it was @party, held  in the USA. Last night, after I came back from a party I tuned into the livestream with the hope to watch a little of the competition, but it was already over and they were about to start the prizegiving ceremony. The stream looked really good and I am a little sad that I wasn’t able to watch it. Then the results were published. My little entry in the Freestyle gfx competition called Vihma placed 2nd. Considering that there were only 2 entries, which I find a surprisingly low overall number, and that my TRSi colleague Forcer entered with a massive photoship work, it’s no surprise that he was ranked 1st. But I am still happy that I had the chance to participate and that they even held the competition, although I wouldn’t speak of a competition at all here. Congratulations Forcer, deserved first place.
My second entry Out of Reach was a streaming music entry and was finally ranked 3rd. That is a really good result considering that I had to cut down the track to 3:30 minutes from originally 5 minutes. But I am very happy that the party people enjoyed my track and I can’t wait to listen to the reactions on re-live on scenesat. Again, I feel like it was a great weekend for me. last weekend i received a second and a third place and this weekened again. What could I ask for more. With respect to the overall amount of entries @party received this year, I am more than confident that I will continue supporting them next year.
The upload of my entries will take place a little later.


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